Fiber Optic Supply, Route Survey & Engineering.
Fiber Optic Cable Route Trenching & Laying ( Blowing of Cables).
Satellite Communication Earth Stations and VSAT.
Project Planning & Management.
Logistic Services
Installation of PHD/SDH Microwave Equipment, Antennas & Accessories.
On Access/Backbone Routes.
Installation of PDH/SDH Fiber Optics Equipments & Accessories.
Installation of Switches , Access Junction Cable networks.
Test & Commissioning of the above range of telecom Equipment.
Quality management Services.
As-Built Documentation AUTO CAD Version Rel 14.
Maintenance of Network.
Stationary Clearance from Local / Municipal/ GOVT. Authorities.
Supply & Installation rf Fiber Optics Cable & Accessories.
Installation of International gateways.
Supply & Installation of Indoor & Outdoor Electrical Works, Including Earthing.
Supply & Installation of Telecom Shelter.


Engineering Survey & Design.
Optical Transmission Engineering & Network Design.
Outside Plant Construction.
Inside Plant Construction.
Civil Infrastructure.
Duct & Sub - Duct Planning / Supply / Installation.
Splicing & Testing. Termination.
Cable and Fiber Pulling & Blowing.
Turnkey Project Management.
Building Coordination & Liasioning.
Operations & Maintenance.
Commissioning Co-ordination.
Manpower Supply & Services.

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